Situated on the river Teifi, amid rolling farmland with lonely mountains to the east, Lampeter is a University town, a market town, and a rural shopping centre cum meeting place for the farming communities of the surrounding hills and vales.

On Tuesdays, alternating with Tregaron, Lampeter hosts a livestock market where farmers gather from miles around.

Lampeter is the seat of St David's University College founded in 1822, so that Welsh students prohibited by the expense from attending Oxford or Cambridge, could obtain a university education. The University College library holds many historic treasure whilst the countryside arounf Lampeter offers marvellous opportunities for relaxation - as well as wonderful fishing on the Teifi.

In days gone by, drovers would collect herds of cattle together in Lampeter and then drive them, on foot or on horseback, all the way to the markets of England. The Black Horse that remains the emblem of Lloyd's Bank is a reminder of the sturdy Welsh steeds that the drovers used.